No matter what mother nature can dish out, having a standby generator will keep your home safe and pleasant. These handy generators can power your home’s important appliances and more, making it appear as though the power went out never happened. That is, however, only true while your generator is working properly.

Ideally, you should consider generator repair and upkeep long before you find yourself in need of one. Routine testing and maintenance are needed for standby generators. Furthermore, if you notice any of these symptoms early on, you can fix your generator without having to wait until there is an emergency to take action.

Delay in Starting

Start-up delays are one of the most important generator warning indications. When this happens, it will take some time for your generator to start. This typically indicates that there is a problem on the inside.

Even though the generator might function flawlessly once it starts, this is still a warning that you require some sort of maintenance. The problem that’s delaying startup will only worsen until it eventually prevents startup altogether.

Visibility Of Damage

Many issues with generators are apparent. Simply giving your generator a periodic glance might help you spot concerns like frayed or damaged wires caused by bug damage or other difficulties. Another aspect you can notice in this is corrosion.

These types of typical generator issues should be covered by semi-annual inspections in order to keep you from losing dependable electricity when you are in need.

No Production Of Electricity

If your generator isn’t producing any electricity, something is obviously wrong with it. There is an issue if your generator loads and operates but doesn’t actually produce any electricity. To solve the problem, you’ll probably require some generator maintenance and repair.

In fact, there may be an issue with the hookup in between the generator and the electric grid in your property. To get it operating again, you might only need to flick the breakers, but any further generator inspection and repair should be left to the experts.

Odd Smell

There shouldn’t be any odour coming from backup generators at all. If you do begin to smell something odd, it probably implies that some electrical parts are burning, there is a leak in the exhaust system, or there is a leak of gas (if that is the source your generator consumes). Shut off your generator and get in touch with professional generator technicians immediately because these are all potential safety hazards. Leaving problems like these unaddressed might have disastrous consequences.

Strange Noises

Unusual noises are yet another vital indicator of something going wrong. It’s possible that mechanical or electrical components are malfunctioning if you hear strange noises coming from your generator. Don’t disregard any unusual noises coming from your generator because if left unattended, these problems could also lead to severe damage.

In operation On Inactivity

Have you recently used your generator? In order to guarantee proper performance when they are essential, standby and portable generators must run for a short period of time at least once every few months. Too much idle time with a generator contributes to a lot of common generator issues.

To avoid this issue, standby generators are programmed to run through a few cycles on a regular basis. But if your generator hasn’t been used recently, you might discover that it won’t turn on when you really need it to.

Power Supply Variability

Is the output of your generator fluctuating between adequate and insufficient or not producing enough power? Most problems only affect the operation of your generator rather than fully shutting it down.

Contact a reliable domestic generator repair service in your area straight away if you notice that your bulbs are flickering or that some of your devices won’t run on your generator. Although you may believe that it will suffice to get by, your generator could run out at any time.

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